Little bitty IN the city


Last week, the lovely Nicole of a dash of gold was nice enough to practice her photography on me- for my first real outfit post! Which actually took place in DC, where I actually live now. I still can’t get over how blessed I am to be living in my dream apartment in my favorite neighborhood in the best city in the world. (my humble opinion) I hope  it becomes a regular thing because I lurve how the pictures turned out. She suggested Freedom Plaza because of the light coming off the cement, not knowing my connection to the spot.


Firstly, if you weren’t aware, I am partially a little punk @$$, and that came with being a sk8er d8er in high school. My friend Marisa and I actually used to metro in DC to go to Freedom Plaza and watch/ flirt with the skaters. Technically, it’s illegal for them to be there, and technically, that makes them even cooler, amiright? #anarchy


Secondly, see that theater behind me? That’s the National. I’ve seen Les Mis there twice. Once when I was seven, and once my junior year old high school. It’s pretty much my favorite music in the world, and I didn’t even think of the connection when I wore my AMAZEBALLZ Mayday Parade merch tee for this shoot. That connection was not made until I was uploading the pictures.And the building I’m looking up at? I watched George W. Bush’s inaguration parade from my Aunt’s office’s conference room with my little sister, curled up in a windowsill. This city has memories for me around ever corner.

And this outfit is pretty quintessential Caro. I could live every day in Loft. And also never pay full price because their sales are like, all the time. Just sayin’.


Blazer//Skirt//Watch (currently unavailable, similar here)//Necklace (currently unavailable, purchased here)//Shoes//Earrings//Purse by Kate Spade (old)



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