Road trip music

Music can really make a friendship, can’t it? Tiffany and I joke about our first “date” as Twinsies where my friend, her then boyfriend, now husband, was djing at Rhino and we made total fools out of ourselves when Call Me Maybe came on. Since then, we’ve gone to two official raves, a couple unofficial raves, my favorite band, and most recently, a really cool intimate Oh Honey show.


This Friday, Memorial Day Weekend, I will be driving her up to Long Island with another one of our friends for her bridal shower. Memorial. Day. Weekend. After working all day Friday. It’s going to be a very long day and probably a longer drive. To be honest though, I kind of love driving and miss it while I’m in the city. This past weekend, I drove up to Jersey for my little’s grad brunch, and blastin’ ma tunes with the top down was really a pleasure. I’m kind of addicted to making playlists, so I’ve decided to share with you what I think would be the ultimate summer road trip selection. It’s random. Totally random. And a lot of it reminds me of high school when my friends started driving and that’s really all we did. Enjoy! And I’d love to hear your favorite road trip music in the comments!

I’ll keep adding to this list, so keep checking it out!



3 thoughts on “Road trip music

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