Not goodbye, see you later

I have toyed with the idea of not even having a last post, but img_7005that seemed a bit harsh and unfair to LBC1. Through this blog, I have made friends, gained experience, and learned a lot- about myself, branding, and the business of blogging. Obviously, it was this blog that was the catalyst for The CaroLøve. It will be similar content, for sure, but in a forum with a brand that now better reflects me.

A lot has happened since I first started LBC1. I understand the business of blogging better, sure, but I have been through a lot and gained more experience living in the city than the name Little Bitty City One allows. I’m still starry-eyed as ever over Washington, D.C., but I’ve still grown up a lot and been through kind of a roller coaster in the past couple years. What happened in the time isn’t so important in the context of this post, but it did happen and here we are. I hope you follow me over on The CaroLøve, but if you don’t, thank you for being a reader on LBC1.

Before I go, I want to thank the other bloggers along the way who have influenced, encouraged, and helped me along the way:

Blonde in the District||Glass of Glam||District Damsel||Le London Chic||Lemon Stripes||A Dash of Gold [photo creds galore from this one <3]||Lust Local||Primp & Proper||District Sparkle||Fashion for Lunch||Que Sera Sahra||Pink Champagne Problems||Southern Anchors||Bree West||Laura Lehman Wears||CapFABB||The Blog Societies||The DC Ladies

and every single other blogger who has been involved with LBC1 for the past two years. There are really too many to name.

And with that, I say goodbye to Little Bitty City One.




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