Que sera, sera…

whatever will be will be this year. We are less than a week into 2016 and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I have decided that it has a lot to do with how I brought in the New Year. After a gorgeous dinner at Morton’s in Georgetown with my parents, also celebrating my Auntie Steph’s good health, my roommate, my manmate and I headed across town to Brookland to Sahra‘s lovely home. It was so nice to a) not have to be outside in the cold waiting to get in somewhere b) not get get totes drunj at an overpriced bar where I likely had to dropkick someone to even get served c) spend the evening with good people, good food, and maybe a little too much champagne.


Sahra and Z had a great spread and cute little party games looking back on trivia from the past year. They also had this little bowl of questions for each of us to look back at our own years- favorite songs, moments, trips, etc. That was definitely my favorite! I also want to thank everyone for humoring me with my new toy- my camera stayed around my neck most of the night, although I’m not sure why I didn’t use it at all with the photo booth they set up.


It was kind of cool- we did the count down to 2016 twice: once one someone’s phone counting down the minutes and then again on a laggy phone feed of the ball dropping. #somillennial


I think this is about how I want to spend the first night of the new year forever. It was just so… nice.


Maybe next year I’ll know how to use my camera and think to get a picture of my outfit. I did look pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


Thanks again for having us- and letting us love of your fur babies! I hope everyone else had a great start to the new year as well!






FullSizeRender_7This past weekend, my firm had their holiday party and I had one of the most fantastic nights. My friend John was a great date and fell in well with the accounting gang. There wasn’t a dance contest, but if there was, we would have won. My dogs were BARKIN’ by the end of the night- to the point I was, at one point, a pata sucia. But this is America and I still maintain that I had “the right to bear feet.” I make myself laugh.

Anyway, it was a great night with great friends and my great firm. Everyone looked fantastic. I actually wish I had pictures other than 12 shots that look exactly like the one on the left, as awesome as we looked, because my crew really spruced up- and turnt up. Just a little. But it’s ok because it’s the holidays.

My green dress was a hit and I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on this post. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about the strapless dress falling off as John or my friend Braxton tried to get me to dance without leading. I was too busy trying to keep myself up as Braxxy spun me around and tried to get me to dip. I will say though, I was really disappointed in the sparkly bracelet from the post. It looked fab until about halfway through dinner when the gems started popping out. HULLO I hadn’t even started dancing yet so what was that all about? Thankfully, Loft took it right back and gave me a refund.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a little rough the next morning (when the pictures for this post were taken) and my “Country Club Blowout” from Club Blowdry was no longer. I’m tellin’ ya though- if you need your hair done for an event- USE THEM! And use my code prettyinthecity for 10% off of your services. They do makeup too!

So please excuse my face/ hair/ glazed over look in my eye and scroll back up to that first picture to see how I really looked. 😉


IMG_7717  IMG_7711



Catherine Malandrino dress from last year {similar here}//Pearlized Twisted Gem Necklace//Old Victoria’s Secret clutch {similar here}//Old BCBGeneration heels {similar here}//




CapFABB’s 3rd @ Dirty Martini

Tuesday night was CapFABB‘s 3rd anniversary party featuring Capwell + Co. at Dirty Martini. This was my first CapFABB event, and let me tell you I was pretty intimidated walking in, hearing the chitchat of literally a hundred beautiful bloggers as I was walking up the stairs to our private party. I shouldn’t have been. Every single woman I met was a total doll, plus Meaghan of District Sparkle was awesome with the introductions, even though I was being ridiculously, uncharacteristically shy.

(Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you!)

Besides having the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome ladies, this party had something that I will now demand at every party I go to for the rest of forever:


Yea. Like a build your own sundae bar but for arm parties.

I LOVED seeing what the other ladies all picked. Alison of Chain Strap Purse put together my favorite arm party besides mine and I almost stole her scheme. Mine is a secret for now, since I’m working this weekend on an exclusive piece for another network I belong to, The DC Ladies.

I adored meeting everyone and bonding with bloggers- getting to ask for advice first hand about cultivating my blog to where I’d like it to be. It was a great night which made it a long day today, so this new CapFABB is going to snuggle up with Little Bitty Kitty One (if I can get him to stop stampeding around my room in circles) and go to sleep.

Thank you to the lovely leaders of CapFABB for putting on such a wonderful event, and I look forward to attending many more.

x0x0 Caroline