Evergreen + plaid


One of my favorite Christmas presents was the lush green Topshop Faux Fur Vest that I’ve been eying for months. It’s such a cool piece and I’ve now worn the almost the exact same outfit twice because I can’t get enough of it.


The necklace was a Christmas present too- an awesome J. Crew find from one of my best friends. It’s sold out, but they always have gorgeous pieces. I just love how it adds a little something to my plain black turtleneck.


I’m a little mad about plaid, obviously. The plaid mini from Old Navy is sold out in the green as well, but you can still get it in red– and on sale! The plaid Coach purse was a Christmas present a few years ago, and I can’t for the life of me find anything comparable. Is it bad that I kind of love that though?


Finish off the outfit with some statement tights like these. Dress it up with booties like I did for church, or stay a relatively comfy in OTK boots.


photos c/o Chipped Diamond Magazine

Shop plaid skirts:PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Madewell Plaid Flannel Mini Skirt//Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Wool-Blend Skirt//McQ Alexander McQueen Plaid wool mini skirt//Woolrich Women’s Richville Wool Plaid Skirt//Park Movie Marathon Skirt in Blue Plaid

Shop plaid bags:PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Quilted Plaid Satchel//Chaps Plaid Coin Pouch & Tote//LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Crawley Plaid Unlined Tote//Dooney & Bourke Tartan Bitsy Bag//Dooney & Bourke Tartan Richmond Shopper

OTK boots:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Women’s Tommy Hilfiger Gerrie Otk Boot//Frye Lynn Logo OTK//Cole Haan Women’s Dutchess OTK Motorcycle Boot//Daegan Otk suede boot//Nine West Tiberia Over-the-Knee Suede Boots



Lunchtime play date

I am SUH ESSITED that spring time has arrived(ish) and I can abolish the tights and bust out the little dresses. Admittedly, it was much colder on this day that I had anticipated and with the wind I was just about a walking Popsicle. But at least I got to finally meet up with my Nicole and play around in Lafayette Square Park across from the White House. And can I talk about how this is officially my favorite outfit right now? I think of that jacket as my own personal tour jacket- I got it made when I was 14. Paired with the comfiest little dress (for under $15!!) and shoes + my backpack… easy peasy lemon squeezy!

IMG_8949IMG_8964 IMG_8958IMG_8969 IMG_8966   IMG_8971Similar Dark Shrunken Denim Jacket//Leather Pocket Dress//Perforated Slip-On Sneakers//Deux Lux Karma Backpack (I think the grey is sold out- I can’t find it anywhere)//Colorful Rhinestone Flowers Alloy Bib//Similar bow bracelet//Cone Stud Stretch Bracelet//

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Jaded weekender

Hands down my favorite part of living living in the city is spending my weekends walking around Georgetown. I mean, think about it- I used to have to literally plan my trips here and now I’m living it. My Laytonsville, which will always have a piece of my heart, is NAHT pedestrian friendly, so there’s still a novelty of being able to walk pretty much everywhere. The places I can’t walk to, I can hop on the bus. I still have a hard time getting over it.

My weekend uniform is basically jeans, comfy shoes, big bag, cute top. I’ve been really into tunics this season, and this flowy top was one of my favorite Christmas presents. The jade color was made for my eyes, if I do say so myself.

I just feel happy dressed like this. Confident in my own skin. I think Nicole, my faithful photographer, picked up on that. She said this was her favorite outfit of mine that we shot and I have to agree that this was on of my favorite shoots. We laughed pretty much through the whole thing- slightly punch drunk and totally freezing. I could never be a real model, I was dissolving into giggles by hour two. She had me pose on some random front steps and she was making fun of me for walking like a weirdo while she was taking pictures.

IMG_7867 IMG_7884 IMG_7878 IMG_7863 IMG_7862Top from Nordstom {similar here}//A.E.O Sky High Jegging//Lucky Brand booties {similar here + here}//Kate Spade tote sold out {similar here}//Rainbow pearl necklace from a bizarre {similar here}//RAINBOW Titanium Double Quartz Bullet Gold


"Oh! Puppies!"

“Oh! Puppies!”

Rose gold ballerina

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks there are magical retail fairies that sometimes cast magic spells and deliver you the most perfect thing. In the case of my almost-tutu, that fairy was my friend Tiffany. After an entire afternoon of disappointing results while trying to get her a wedding dress fitting, defeated and freezing, we wandered into Wink on M Street. She walked over to their clearance rack, picked it up, and said, “try this on.” That was it. I was smitten with a skirt.

There’s kind of a funny balance with this skirt. Since it has the fun shape an texture, I feel like it’s best to pair it with a simple black top, but since it’s black, there’s plenty of room for jazzing it up with accessories. I’m way into rose gold right now, which lightens up my outfit a little bit. I wore *almost* this exact same outfit to the Blogger Scene event (+ then to burgers and girl talk with some of my faves) and I love how it can transition from my office to an event!

IMG_7847 IMG_7846 IMG_7844 IMG_7838 IMG_7849Skirt from Wink {similar here}//Black turtleneck//Similar bow belt//Mini Cone Stud Stretch Bracelet//Necklace from BaubleBar {similar here}//Micheal Kors watch {similar here}//Rose gold cuff from a bizarre {similar here}//black tights//Nine West flats {similar here + here + here}//similar rose gold cross-body


ps- don’t forget to check out my instagram for a chance to win this gorgeous bag!


bright + MINE with eShakti

I’m the type of girl who likes to customize pretty much everything in my life. That’s why I’m so obsessed with Chipotle and monograms. The finished product is MINE and all MINE. So when eShakti asked me to try their website- where you can customize clothes? SOLD. First of all, everything they sell comes in size 0-36W, so it’s clothes to fit every woman. But then, once you pick your base size using a detailed measurement chart- MORE OPTIONS! You put in your height, pick a sleeve type, a length, and neckline! Ain’t nobody else going to have the same look!

I decided to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this tunic top. The pattern is a little louder than I would normally choose, but I adore it! And I’ve gotten so many compliments. I do have to say, if you’re unsure of your measurements, go up a little. This top fits a little looser, which I love, but I also ordered a dress with a coupon they sent me and it was too snug across my bust. I gave it to a friend, who looks adorable in it, but I was a little disappointed, especially after the great success with the tunic. IMG_7817 IMG_7816 IMG_7820 IMG_7827 IMG_7831 IMG_7823

All in all, I loved the experience of ordering with eShakti, and I would recommend it to my friends and readers because the customization is so much fun!

Tunic c/o eShakti//Sky High Jegging//bag purchased from Progressions [similar bag here + here]//necklace purchased from Bijuju [similar necklace here]//STEVEN by Steve Madden Salley Over The Knee Riding Boots//bracelet purchased from Baublebar [similar here]


Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me pretty in the city!

A great (first) year

Happy first birthday to Little Bitty City One! My little blog has grown and changed so much since my first post (and selfies on my Surface tablet.) I owe so much to my readers and the new friends I’ve made from blogging. It’s been a pretty awesome year in general for me- moving out for the first time (a GIANT thank you to Mama and Daddy D for being so supportive during the transition), a raise and more responsibility at work, I’ve been asked to be in two of my best friends’ weddings, and I closed out the year meeting the most amazing and supportive guy. But this blog has been instrumental in fitting into this city that I can finally and officially call my home. The outfit from this post was actually what I wore out for New Year’s Eve- happy and confident and feeling like a million bucks. What better way to feature it than celebrating my first year of LBC1? As I prance into another fantastic year, I leave you with my favorite quote:

And if the moon had to runaway
And all the stars didn’t wanna play
Don’t waste the sun on a rainy day…

I will shine on for everyone
Shine on for everyone

IMG_7804 IMG_7800 IMG_7799


photos c/o Nicole

A special thanks to some awesome bloggin’ babes: Nicole, Meaghan, Alex, Julia, Dana, Bree, and Kristyn

+ any of you wonderful ladies who have indulged me in twitter chatting 😉

Similar pearl studs//Rainbow glitter studs//Necklace from Baublebar [similar here]// Furry shrug from Target [similar here]//Similar bow cuff//Peplum top//Lace pencil skirt from Loft [similar here]//Black stockings//Pointed-toe Mary Jane (thanks Ally for the heads up on these! CLEARANCE!!)

Wild thang

When I was a little girl, Mama D was very anti-animal print. I think that might be part of the reason that I love it so much now- I didn’t wear it ever until I hit high school. One of my favorite bloggers, which you know if you’ve been with me from the beginning, is Meaghan of District Sparkle. When I saw this post, I knew I wanted a cozy leopard coat to snuggle into in the snow. Welp, I went on a hunt for one I could afford pre-raise, and ended up with this insane jacket that doesn’t keep me particularly warm and makes me look even more like a Furby than usual. However, it is excellent for throwing on to go to the laundry down the street or if I want to wear a jacket out and not worry what happens to it. Also Halloween as Pebbles Flintstone and 90’s Party as Courtney Love.

A couple of week ago, Dana of something good did a post where she shared five things she liked about herself. As soon as I read it, it resonated with me and made me think of this outfit. It’s a little out there, but it works, just like me as a person. So thank you, Dana, for inspiring me to sit down and think about 5 things I like about myself.

  1. My heart is always on my sleeve. This can sometimes be annoying, but I’d rather be totally honest about my feelings than hide who I am, even if I’m not at my best on a particular day.
  2. I refuse to stop loving something that I love, even if it’s not cool or popular. I’ve always been that way. In fifth grade it was dresses and Mary Janes over jeans and Steve Madden clogs. In high school it was skate shirts over Lilly Dresses. My style has evolved and changed and I found that I’m the happiest if I don’t try to put myself in one box or let anyone else do the same. It goes for music as well. I love, and will always love, pop punk and Warped Tour.
  3. I’m incredibly creative. I usually have about 25 ideas bouncing around my head, which is typical of a Pisces. This blog is my current outlet, but before that it was dance, film, painting, anything I could physically unleash my thoughts on.
  4. I have a lot of stories and life experiences to share. And share I will. I’m an open book that is nowhere near finished, but pretty full already.
  5. I’m compassionate to a fault. When I see someone in pain, I can physically feel their pain. If I see someone laugh, I laugh with them. I prefer the laughing and will do anything I can to make that happen. IMG_7667 IMG_7666 IMG_7655 IMG_7652

photos c/o Nicole

Similar bow headband//Necklaces from Stella & Dot + American Eagle [both old- similar look here]//Old Navy sweater from last year [similar here]//Petite Faux Leather Mini Skirt//Jacket//Similar boot socks//Etienne Aigner boots [similar here]



We all have our uniforms. This winter (which has been pretty not very wintry, as far as temps go), mine has been my blanket scarf and poncho with my new favorite jeans. Perfect for errands because I don’t get too hot in stores and it’s seriously like walking around wrapped in a blanket. The cool thing about this outfit is that it was inspired by some of my favorite bloggers.

The scarf is from everyone. Literally. When it was sold out at Zara two years in a row, I looked up Zara scarf on Amazon and the thing is literally called “bloggers chic scarf.” Is it a knockoff? Probs. Does it look exactly like the real thang? Absolutely. So soft and I use it as a blanket at my desk because our office is arctic.

The poncho (cape? still haven’t decided) was featured on Ally Cog back in November and I thought about it and thought about it until I just didn’t want to miss it and finally bought it. Glad I did because it is now nowhere to be found.

And the jeans. My goodness the jeans. The best and most flattering jeans I have ever worn. Thank you Fashionably Lo. I have them in four washes. I can wear crop tops guilt free. My butt looks great. They’re miraculous.

The purse? I stole it from my mom a little while ago. But my girl Nicole of a dash of gold featured a vintage Coach purse that my mom also had. Only N’s is in fantastic condition and Mama D’s… well, it may not even be around anymore. It was very loved.


photos c/o Nicole

Aerie cape {similar here + here}//Chunky knit sweater from a flee market {similar here + here}//Etienne Aigner boots {similar here}//A.E.O. Sky High Jegging//Vintage Coach purse {similar here}//Blanket scarf


Gold (& frankincense & myrrh)

This holiday season, I’ve been VERY into gold, so when I saw this gold skirt from Loft, I knew immediately that I had to have it for Christmas Eve. My church does a beautiful midnight mass with carols before the service, and I’m of the mindset that one should dress for church, especially on such an important holiday! Part of the service is done totally by candle light, and it’s really beautiful. What does your family do for Christmas Eve? I’d love to hear from you! IMG_7625 IMG_7639 IMG_7641 IMG_7644 IMG_7649photos c/o Nicole

Pearlized Twisted Gem Necklace {currently sold out; similar here}//Old Navy top {from last year; similar here}//Metallic Jacquard Mini Skirt//Loft clutch {old; similar here}//BaubleBar curb cuff {now in cobolt; love this tortoise one}// Tights from Claire’s last year (I know, right?!) {similar here}//Mia Sinclairr boot



FullSizeRender_7This past weekend, my firm had their holiday party and I had one of the most fantastic nights. My friend John was a great date and fell in well with the accounting gang. There wasn’t a dance contest, but if there was, we would have won. My dogs were BARKIN’ by the end of the night- to the point I was, at one point, a pata sucia. But this is America and I still maintain that I had “the right to bear feet.” I make myself laugh.

Anyway, it was a great night with great friends and my great firm. Everyone looked fantastic. I actually wish I had pictures other than 12 shots that look exactly like the one on the left, as awesome as we looked, because my crew really spruced up- and turnt up. Just a little. But it’s ok because it’s the holidays.

My green dress was a hit and I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on this post. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about the strapless dress falling off as John or my friend Braxton tried to get me to dance without leading. I was too busy trying to keep myself up as Braxxy spun me around and tried to get me to dip. I will say though, I was really disappointed in the sparkly bracelet from the post. It looked fab until about halfway through dinner when the gems started popping out. HULLO I hadn’t even started dancing yet so what was that all about? Thankfully, Loft took it right back and gave me a refund.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a little rough the next morning (when the pictures for this post were taken) and my “Country Club Blowout” from Club Blowdry was no longer. I’m tellin’ ya though- if you need your hair done for an event- USE THEM! And use my code prettyinthecity for 10% off of your services. They do makeup too!

So please excuse my face/ hair/ glazed over look in my eye and scroll back up to that first picture to see how I really looked. 😉


IMG_7717  IMG_7711



Catherine Malandrino dress from last year {similar here}//Pearlized Twisted Gem Necklace//Old Victoria’s Secret clutch {similar here}//Old BCBGeneration heels {similar here}//