Blanketed 2k15 + a giveaway

You may remember my blanketed post from last year when I mentioned the weather being mild. Looks like a repeat this year. I can count on 2 fingers the amount of times I wish I was wearing more clothes, rather than less, so far this fall. I don’t need to tell you the merits of having a blanket scarf on you at all times though- blanket in the office, shawl on the bus, shove it in your bag when you don’t need it. I love the color combo on the one I was wearing on the gorgeous day that Nicole took these pictures- so fall, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t totally make this outfit shoppable, because the dress is from TJ Maxx (super steal at $15!!) and the boots and purse are from a couple years ago, so I linked you up with some great alternatives.

Also, if you love this scarf and want to make it your own, head on over to my instagram for a chance to win!

IMG_9999  IMG_9990 IMG_9988 IMG_9987 IMG_9984IMG_9993Shop green shirt dresses:

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Black + white // rose + maple

I really think this is my favorite dress. When I first saw it in the window of H&M last year, I actually spoke to it. “I’m coming back for you,” I said. And I did. While I usually pair it with a Barbie pink blazer and some major bling, I decided to soften up my black and white with another signature color- rose gold… mostly so I could show off my amazing new Sidney watch from Jord.

IMG_9319Remember when I fell in love with my recycled skateboard glasses from Royal Threads that I got at Warped Tour last year? Well, as soon as I found out about Jord, I felt the same way. Not only does it look awesome with my wood sunnies, but it’s so light on my wrist compared to my beloved silicon MK watch. And of course I love the subtle sparkles around the face of the watch. Jord as a company is helping to create a sustainable lifestyle combining natural elements with modern design for people who are going places. Helllooooo they totally belong on my wrist, and on the wrists of girls on the go like me who are also concerned with honoring the natural.. The word Jord is actually Swedish for earth/ soil/ land.

While I picked the Sydney to match my sunnies, I also really loved the CORA SERIES in Zebrawood & Turquoise, as well as the 746 SERIES Black & Maple. They have a style for everyone, so check out the entire collection for yourself!

IMG_9322 IMG_9314 IMG_9309 IMG_9305photos c/o Nicole

An even cooler painted shift dress//black + white graphic shift in a much better price range//Metallic Strap Sandals//similar crossbody//Sydney watch c/o Jord//similar bow belt//Cone Stud Stretch Bracelet//Necklace is sold out- other delicate rose gold necklaces here, here + here//Sunglasses//

Thank you Jord so much for sending me this awesome watch in exchange for my review! As always, all opinions are my own!

And check out how Christine of maple & mint styled her black and white! We decided to do a little East Coast/ West Coast thing so be on the lookout for more of her!



Lucky charms + a skirt of gold

Let me be straight up: this was supposed to be my St. Patrick’s Day outfit, but I am so sick of sweaters, layers, clothes in general, that I opted for the shamrock green sundress I got for my birthday brunch last year with a blazer and flats. One major piece of clothing is definitely preferable to three, especially since it gott up to 70 yesterday.

That’s not to say that I don’t love this outfit. As I was putting it together, I thought of all the pretty ‘mallow colors in my old favorite cereal. Papa Downing didn’t want us eating “junky” cereal growing up, so Lucky Charms was a treat for when my mom had it left over from a project she did with her students (ditto Froot Loops). And St. Andrew’s used to always have it on St. Patrick’s Day, which I thought was hilarious. The “marshmallows” were clearly the best part. Pastel rainbow colored sugar? HULLO. That’s basically Caro-chow. I also love this outfit because it’s real… like it’s not all brand new and I didn’t go shopping for this post. It’s stuff that came together out of my closet. And it works!

And how cute is my coffee tumbler? When my friend Brittany came down for Galentine’s Weekend, she left it in my room as a sneaky early birthday present. She found it on Etsy in a shop called Vivacious Monograms.

WYWVs1huRf8FvmZWTcy62GoyFrLIoL_JDMA7skJyT-WiHEp6qlMka7Kf3Bin34xykis8mA=w1045-h715 wP4QyiV5mHm948j9fwaq7xDWdHadNfVdl_3de7-d_bD_0lQuNRwae2pgrUBm1mAcWAb2Zg=w1045-h715 qg1kXmKtJcR2LZ9Wmk-BKS7bH_qWwSZx4igCSi0sRXd5Z8_9-SaELurzmpWRjwMkyKLenA=w1045-h715 OJjrCSfBNZ7-yz3bfgaKtS3eHmuGIQOEaVoQSMF5sM9I60AG0NcO3XRQTZfivP2GMsoJ6A=w1045-h715 nmwmrzUpA7Ai5GWhD1PowepUAQ6ZhHKTK9dA1VKSGp6dlJWO8XpV_whYgqU2b7Ne8ne8YA=w1045-h715 EPcPBf7fll_xyzteI7ZQZTv5zRkB-7Obrx6W0On3aqK3upctmThe1PSsITAPGX092b1DSQ=w1045-h715 Similar mint sweater//Similar button-down//Metallic Jacquard Mini Skirt//Similar flats here, here, + here//Necklace c/o Crazy & Co.//Quilted pink purses here, here, + here//Similar bow bracelets here, here, + here//Kate Spade New York Small Square Stud Earrings

photos c/o Nicole


Hello, Sailor

I still have not figured out how I feel about the midi skirt. Yes, it is on trend. But it may be one of those trends, like the boyfriend jean, that simply isn’t for me. It’s just a lot of skirt on not much of a person, right? One thing I know for certain about this style is it makes me feel very retro. I kept telling Nicole while she was snapping pictures that the midi/ sweater combo made me feel very Christina Hendricks in Mad Men-y (which, as I’m looking it up, is not even accurate because she usually rocks a fitted, not full skirt). I guess what I’m thinking is that there’s something classic about leaving pretty much everything to the imagination. Plus this bubble gum pink color screams femininity. Combined with the flirty sweater, I just felt, well, cute. We actually attracted some attention while we were shooting and instead of trying to explain what blogging was, Nicole (generously) told them that I was “like a model.” Not quite darlin’, but your mad picture skills do make me feel like one.

IMG_7370 IMG_7397 IMG_7374   IMG_7364IMG_7365ASOS Midi Skirt In Scuba With Full Pleats//Hello Sailor Sweater originally purchased at Island Gypsy LBI//Steve Madden shoes from TJ Maxx similar here & here)//Old Hollister jacket similar here//BaubleBar statement necklace//Cheap sunglasses similar here//

photographs c/o Nicole


British basic

I was fairly devastated when Rugby, a subset of Ralph Lauren, closed its doors for good in early 2013. I loved everything about the store (and the bar) from the shabby chic decor and slightly edgy prepped out adorable employees, to the peach crushes that started my nights if I was going out in Georgetown (by the adorable employees). Even the way the store smelled made me happy. Luckily for my closet, a British store with a very similar style moved in right next door at the Georgetown location. Enter Jack Wills.

I have family in England, so I’ve been wearing Jack Wills since before it even hit the country. My mom just returned from a two-week European vacation, and brought me back the softest of graphic ts, among a ton of other goodies that I’ll probably be showing off in the near future. This shirt, with my favorite jeans and the cheapest pair of little flats (I won’t even share the link because they may look cute but they’re really terrible) were perfect for a casual rainy day weekend lunch at one of my favorite local spots. And my necklace/ earring combo? Naht from Baublebar, for once. It’s another goody from Europe, from Sno of Sweden. One of my au pairs from when I was growing up has given me a few sets now, and this is my newest. I can’t find it on the website, but you should still check out the site. Beautiful pieces, especially the necklaces. And they’re pretty well-priced, although I’m not sure what shipping would be from Scandinavia. The purse is old, from Banana republic, but this one from Coach is similar.




I am fried. Both literally and figuratively. This past weekend, I spent an absurd amount of time stuck in traffic on 95 with the top down, heading to Jersey to celebrate my friend Brittany’s 25th birthday in Hoboken at The Dulbiner. Because of physics and shadows and whatnot, my forehead is red. My shoulders are red. My thighs are a nice, tan color. But I would do it 20 times over for this girl, who has been there for me since we lived in the same crazy hallways freshman year in the freshman dorms. It also helped that I got to see SO MANY of my friends from college, who mostly live in jersey and who I don’t get to see very often. My fraternity big brother even made a surprise appearance! Sorry I screamed in your ear when I saw you, Paul. Eh. No, I’m actually not. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of drinks.

I chose my cheetahface shirt because a) Brittany told me to b) I wanted to feel fierce c) it’s Jersey I had to rock some animal print and d) I am obsessed with muscle tees right now! Maybe it’s a summer “sun’s out guns out” sort of mentality or maybe my chubby arms just like to be free. Whatever it is, the fit makes me happy. Paired with my origami skort and those shoes, I felt unstoppable. Plus, my Jen at Progressions gave me some fresh highlights Saturday morning. There is nothing better than feeling confident, unless it’s feeling confident with good friends by your side.


I also had another simple and delish drink that I want to share, courtesy of my friend, Jill. Tequila and club soda with a splash of cran. So good. Easy to drink and refreshing, if made right.

What are your fierce outfit picks, cheetah sistas?


Rules of engagement


Yes. Those shoes again. And a Jessica Simpson dress custom fitted for me from LA.

A couple weeks ago, I went down to Miami to visit my best friend and help her celebrate her engagement. Everything was perfect and I love their new (to me) neighborhood, Brickell! She’s an experienced event planner, so her dinner was flawless down to the last detail. I can count on her wedding being perfect too- and I cannot wait for that day. Until then, check out my pictures from my mini-vacation.



Hot town; summer in the city

So on Friday I told you my Twinsie (the beautiful Tiffany) was forcing me out of my little Sushi AOI comfort zone. Where did we go? Perry’s. For sushi. And we ate like $130 dollars worth and each drank a bottle of Saki before heading to a birthday party for someone we didn’t know and drank really sweet fruity beer/ cider/ sugar drinks at Little Miss Whiskey’s and Rock and Roll Hotel. Yea. It was one of those nights.

My favorite bit was getting all dolled up with my naturally and endlessly beautiful spirit twin. I got my outfit at Macy’s in NYC, and her romper was a gift from her boyfriend. I’ve been looking for a reason to wear this crop top/ origami skort combo (and the to-die-for necklace from Baublebar) and our little adventure around DC was semi-perf. I only say semi because we felt more dressed up than anyone we were with. #ohwhale.

We looked good.

photo 1

Shop origami cutsphoto 2Shop rompers

What’s your favorite look for a girls’ night?


Pineapple express

A couple of weeks ago, I made another run to Uptown Cheapskate and I fell in love with this pineapple print dress immediately. It didn’t look like they would have any that would fit my top-heavy frame, but lo and behold, I was a small! Done deal. I wore it to dinner with my parents that night at Rasika. If you like Indian food, you have to try it- especially the crunchy spinach (and champagne cocktail!).132259042Retro Pineapple Crush Dress (I think this is the same one)//Madden Girl shoes//Clutch (old Loft- similar here)//Silver bangles (long-time collection- shop bangles here)//Michael Michael Kors Round White & Rose Gold Tone Watch//Baublebar earrings


Spring shower

This past Saturday, I attended a very special bridal shower. I’ve known Brittany since we were toddlers. Her mom, who will always be Ms. Donna to me and about a million others, is kind of a famous dance teacher in my area and her First Steps dance class started me down a road of 16 years of dance. Brittany and I also attended the same tiny private grade school- as did her fiancé, Adam! It’s actually a cute story. After the tragic passing of one of our other classmates, I thought it was time we all stated seeing more of each other. We had a mini reunion and Adam, Britt, and I started hanging out. (Hurricane party for a hurricane that never came drinking Boons Farm in her basement and watching old movies.) I told her after, like, the second time- he totally loves you. I think they were engaged within that year. Adam is a Marine and returned this past year from Afghanistan. This couple truly deserves all blessings coming their way for this marriage. They could not be any cuter together.

110179347The shower was so sweet! I accidentally matched the décor with the midi I’ve been wanting for months and the crop top that I previously had no clue what to pair with. Every detail was so meticulous- right down to the cupcakes with the couple’s initials. The highlight though was the group of little girls who came to perform for Brittany since she loves kids and is a dance teacher herself now. THEY WERE SO CUTE and sang Back at One by Brian McKnight just for her. I can’t wait for this wedding! (I even have my dress already- so stay tuned!)


 ASOS Midi Skirt In Scuba With Full Pleats//Crop top by Bongo– similar here//Nude heels (old) similar here//kate spade new york small square stud earrings//Anne Taylor Loft clutch (old) similar here//