Blanketed 2k15 + a giveaway

You may remember my blanketed post from last year when I mentioned the weather being mild. Looks like a repeat this year. I can count on 2 fingers the amount of times I wish I was wearing more clothes, rather than less, so far this fall. I don’t need to tell you the merits of having a blanket scarf on you at all times though- blanket in the office, shawl on the bus, shove it in your bag when you don’t need it. I love the color combo on the one I was wearing on the gorgeous day that Nicole took these pictures- so fall, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t totally make this outfit shoppable, because the dress is from TJ Maxx (super steal at $15!!) and the boots and purse are from a couple years ago, so I linked you up with some great alternatives.

Also, if you love this scarf and want to make it your own, head on over to my instagram for a chance to win!

IMG_9999  IMG_9990 IMG_9988 IMG_9987 IMG_9984IMG_9993Shop green shirt dresses:

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Shop two-toned boots:

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bright + MINE with eShakti

I’m the type of girl who likes to customize pretty much everything in my life. That’s why I’m so obsessed with Chipotle and monograms. The finished product is MINE and all MINE. So when eShakti asked me to try their website- where you can customize clothes? SOLD. First of all, everything they sell comes in size 0-36W, so it’s clothes to fit every woman. But then, once you pick your base size using a detailed measurement chart- MORE OPTIONS! You put in your height, pick a sleeve type, a length, and neckline! Ain’t nobody else going to have the same look!

I decided to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this tunic top. The pattern is a little louder than I would normally choose, but I adore it! And I’ve gotten so many compliments. I do have to say, if you’re unsure of your measurements, go up a little. This top fits a little looser, which I love, but I also ordered a dress with a coupon they sent me and it was too snug across my bust. I gave it to a friend, who looks adorable in it, but I was a little disappointed, especially after the great success with the tunic. IMG_7817 IMG_7816 IMG_7820 IMG_7827 IMG_7831 IMG_7823

All in all, I loved the experience of ordering with eShakti, and I would recommend it to my friends and readers because the customization is so much fun!

Tunic c/o eShakti//Sky High Jegging//bag purchased from Progressions [similar bag here + here]//necklace purchased from Bijuju [similar necklace here]//STEVEN by Steve Madden Salley Over The Knee Riding Boots//bracelet purchased from Baublebar [similar here]


Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me pretty in the city!

Wild thang

When I was a little girl, Mama D was very anti-animal print. I think that might be part of the reason that I love it so much now- I didn’t wear it ever until I hit high school. One of my favorite bloggers, which you know if you’ve been with me from the beginning, is Meaghan of District Sparkle. When I saw this post, I knew I wanted a cozy leopard coat to snuggle into in the snow. Welp, I went on a hunt for one I could afford pre-raise, and ended up with this insane jacket that doesn’t keep me particularly warm and makes me look even more like a Furby than usual. However, it is excellent for throwing on to go to the laundry down the street or if I want to wear a jacket out and not worry what happens to it. Also Halloween as Pebbles Flintstone and 90’s Party as Courtney Love.

A couple of week ago, Dana of something good did a post where she shared five things she liked about herself. As soon as I read it, it resonated with me and made me think of this outfit. It’s a little out there, but it works, just like me as a person. So thank you, Dana, for inspiring me to sit down and think about 5 things I like about myself.

  1. My heart is always on my sleeve. This can sometimes be annoying, but I’d rather be totally honest about my feelings than hide who I am, even if I’m not at my best on a particular day.
  2. I refuse to stop loving something that I love, even if it’s not cool or popular. I’ve always been that way. In fifth grade it was dresses and Mary Janes over jeans and Steve Madden clogs. In high school it was skate shirts over Lilly Dresses. My style has evolved and changed and I found that I’m the happiest if I don’t try to put myself in one box or let anyone else do the same. It goes for music as well. I love, and will always love, pop punk and Warped Tour.
  3. I’m incredibly creative. I usually have about 25 ideas bouncing around my head, which is typical of a Pisces. This blog is my current outlet, but before that it was dance, film, painting, anything I could physically unleash my thoughts on.
  4. I have a lot of stories and life experiences to share. And share I will. I’m an open book that is nowhere near finished, but pretty full already.
  5. I’m compassionate to a fault. When I see someone in pain, I can physically feel their pain. If I see someone laugh, I laugh with them. I prefer the laughing and will do anything I can to make that happen. IMG_7667 IMG_7666 IMG_7655 IMG_7652

photos c/o Nicole

Similar bow headband//Necklaces from Stella & Dot + American Eagle [both old- similar look here]//Old Navy sweater from last year [similar here]//Petite Faux Leather Mini Skirt//Jacket//Similar boot socks//Etienne Aigner boots [similar here]



We all have our uniforms. This winter (which has been pretty not very wintry, as far as temps go), mine has been my blanket scarf and poncho with my new favorite jeans. Perfect for errands because I don’t get too hot in stores and it’s seriously like walking around wrapped in a blanket. The cool thing about this outfit is that it was inspired by some of my favorite bloggers.

The scarf is from everyone. Literally. When it was sold out at Zara two years in a row, I looked up Zara scarf on Amazon and the thing is literally called “bloggers chic scarf.” Is it a knockoff? Probs. Does it look exactly like the real thang? Absolutely. So soft and I use it as a blanket at my desk because our office is arctic.

The poncho (cape? still haven’t decided) was featured on Ally Cog back in November and I thought about it and thought about it until I just didn’t want to miss it and finally bought it. Glad I did because it is now nowhere to be found.

And the jeans. My goodness the jeans. The best and most flattering jeans I have ever worn. Thank you Fashionably Lo. I have them in four washes. I can wear crop tops guilt free. My butt looks great. They’re miraculous.

The purse? I stole it from my mom a little while ago. But my girl Nicole of a dash of gold featured a vintage Coach purse that my mom also had. Only N’s is in fantastic condition and Mama D’s… well, it may not even be around anymore. It was very loved.


photos c/o Nicole

Aerie cape {similar here + here}//Chunky knit sweater from a flee market {similar here + here}//Etienne Aigner boots {similar here}//A.E.O. Sky High Jegging//Vintage Coach purse {similar here}//Blanket scarf


Charm school

You probably know by now how much my St. John’s uniform impacted my sense of fashion a la Gossip Girl. This skirt was actually featured in my first ever post. (Try not to laugh!) I’m glad that plaid minis like this are starting to be an acceptable thing again, not that it ever stopped me when they weren’t. “Charm School” was actually a friendly, teasing nickname from one of my older sorority sisters, given to me after I wore a vest with a crest to a chapter meeting in college. Plaid skirts, as far as I’m concerned, will always be a fall/ winter staple. And check out my subtle pattern mixing! I’m trying to be a little bit more brave, and I think the textured dots on my sweater and tights kind of work. Also, my big white pearl earrings are from Eastern Market! $10 is a steal for real pearls, yes?IMG_7346 IMG_7339 IMG_7335 IMG_7333 IMG_7328 IMG_7323H&M Blazer (sold out; similar here)//Popcorn Stitch Pullover//Ralph Lauren Girls’ Skirt (old; similar here)//Loft sunglasses//Betsey Johnson Women’s 2 Pack Dot Mesh Tights//Etienne Aigner boots (old; similar here)//Boot socks (old; similar here)//Necklace by Stella & Dot//

photos c/o Nicole

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on some of these links.

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We’ve got no troubles life is de BUBBLES

Saturday night ended my 25th birthday month celebration. After two awesome concerts, I had the privilege of speaking on a panel at a the Annapolis Film Festival after a showing of my student film Into The Lime Lite. I was a student in the 2012 GW Documentary Institute and it was an honor to be a part of such a fantastic group of students with all completely different life experiences. The fact that what we created is still being shown in festivals is just so incredible to me.

Since it was a little warmer, if not sunny, I got to rock one of my new birthday presents to the fest. I paired it with my absolute favorite t that I’ve basically been living in since Christmas. The necklace is cool; I picked out all the little charms in it: a bee, a D, an aquamarine star, a dolphin, and sunnies. You can find similar necklaces here, but I got mind from a local vendor. The purse is a little bitty “vintage” Dooney & Bourke that I’ve had since high school.

51702749Marilyn Monroe Juniors Skirt, Bubble-Print A-Line Mini// Women’s Long-Sleeve Slub-Knit Tees// Merona® Women’s Over The Knee Boot Socks// Etienne Aigner Chip Tall Riding Boots// Leather Braided Belt (similar)

Puddle Jumpin’

Rumor has it, my undergrad university was built on a cranberry bog. Whether or not this is true, the campus flooded horribly. I went though 3 pairs of rain boots by the time I graduated, simply because they were worn constantly. This year for Christmas I got my first pair of Hunters and it could not have been better timing. With snow often comes melted snow (slush) and therefore puddles and mud. With my sturdy boots and fleece welly liners, I can take on dirty city streets and less-than-maintained Metro parking lots, changing into ankle booties or flats in the comfort of my cozy cube once I get to work. With spring and April showers just around the corner, I think rain boots should be an investment piece for every girl who has the opportunity to splash into puddles, on purpose or otherwise.


Hunter//Candy Colorful Crystal Clear Flat Heel Rain Boots//Cupcake Design Wellingtons by Westwoods//JuJu Footwear Glitter Chelsea Rain Boot//Chooka Moto//Red Valentino//Monogrammed Rainboots

x0x0 Caroline

Get In My Closet: Black & Leopard

Lauren Price of Fashionably Lo recently said leopard is a nuetral. I could not agree more. As a kid, I was NEVER allowed to wear animal print, which may account for why I’m so gaga over it now*. I also love cats. And I also went to school in Jersey. While I would never personally pair it with more leopard print, I think it’s the perfect compliment to black, like how I wore it here. I want all of these pieces to end up with me eventually, but the booties and harem pants are currently at the top of my list.


  1. Forever 21 Favorite Origami Skirt– I would love to find a black skort just like this. The texture adds a whole new element to the ones I’ve seen, but the only skirt I’ve tried on like this was WAY too short.
  2. Steve Madden Stephiee Leopard Smoking Loafer– My black Nine West smoking loafers are my absolute favorite work shoes. Naturally I need them in leopard too.
  3. Steve Madden Pitera Wedge Bootie– I’ve been on the search for booties with a cutout for the transition from Winter to Spring (Spring. Ha. Is that still a thing?) These would be perf.
  4. Leopard Fold Over Clutch Purse– Surprisingly, it took me forever to find one the right size that wasn’t only available on a website that isn’t in English. Not sure what this says about my style. Oh whale.
  5. Leopard Print Harem Pants– I really want to try these on. I’m a nug, so often items with a lot of material kind of make me look ridiculous. But how cut would these look with those booties and a flowy tank? [UPDATE: I did end up trying these on and it was a mess. Too much pattern on too much material on too little of a person. Not for me, but props if they work for you!]
  6. Big Black Diamond Rock Necklace– For concerts or a night out with my girls where kitschy jewelery is acceptable. Or at any other time because I give no cares what is acceptable.
  7. Wool Fedora– I’ve seen lots of beautiful fashion bloggers pull this off, perfectly topping-off easy winter outfits. Again, I’d have to try it on to see if it has the same effect.
  8. Minnetonka Calf Hi 3 Layer Fringe Boot– I’ve wanted a pair of these for years. Why don’t I have them yet?
  9. Toms Black Crochet Women’s Classics– I could live in Toms. And I think I could totally pull these off as flats for work once it warms up from this sub-arctic shenanigans.
  10. Black Patchwork Pockets Seven’s Sleeve PU Leather T-Shirt– I suddenly want leather accents on everything.

x0x0 Caroline

ps- don’t forget to enter to win MAC Matte Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum

*My mom dressed my sister and I impeccably preppy. Lots of cardigens. No jeans until middle school unless we were at camp. Designs on clothes were embroidered and never painted. To quote one of my best friends after seeing a photo album, “No wonder you’re so good at outfits! You didn’t just wear clothes as a little kid you wore OUTFITS!”

Thanks Mommy!

Soft Kitty; Warm Kitty

-1Last weekend was so crazy with no downtime. I  decided this weekend was for errands and snuggles. Yesterday, I woke up knowing I had to wear my new leopard coat– the one I’d been lusting after since this post on District Sparkle. I paired it with fleece-lined leggings, my favorite staple sweater dress (similar) with a wide belt (similar), Steve Madden Boots (similar), and my newest Betsy Johnson purse (sold out) To accessorize this decidedly neutral outfit, I added a statement necklace that I’m always afraid to wear because it’s “too much.” I sadly have no memory of who made the necklace and can’t find it anywhere online. Wearing a coat like that though, you really can’t be afraid of “too much”-ness.

I ordered the coat from Amazon, and it definitely came in a lot more fuzzy than I imagined and way different from Meaghan’s. I felt like a teddy bear! But I love it! And this outfit transitioned well from lunch and running around to going to a nice dinner at Taste in Olney with a friend and then to a local concert at night. Mad shouts to our awesome bartender at Taste. She rocked.  I had the Greek salad with fried oysters and my friend had the Taste salad with shrimp. The scallops there are incredible as is the pumpkin ravioli, plus their servers are always so wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

Unfortunately, yesterday was also a little rough, which is probably why I look so sad and moody in those pictures. We had to pick up the cremated remains of my kitty from the vet. While we were there, something possessed me to ask if they had any animals for adoption. They did. Sister feral kittens. One was a cute grey-ish tabby and then there was this perfect angel of a little black fluff. I’ve always wanted a black cat named Gypsy. Why? I have no idea. I was probably around 7 when I decided this. I guess it’s my love of Halloween and fascination with witches a la Sabrina and Hocus Pocus. Tabs/ Tabbers/ Tabby was actually Tabitha named after the daughter on Bewitched. Anyway, this kitty, who’s name is Bittersweet as per the vet, was captured and brought in to have her shots and be spayed and eventually adopted (by me). She’s not even adoptable yet, but I got to hold her. She wasn’t scared or timid when I had her, but as soon as she went back in her kennel, she hid under a blanket. So cute. And she loved my coat.

What’s your favorite “too-much” piece and how do you wear it?

x0x0 Caroline

My Date With District Sparkle

Phototastic-2014-01-25-06-43-27 After several days of nasty weather, casual days, cold toes, and mourning the loss of my beautiful furbaby, Tabs, I was more than ready to drag myself out of the cave I’d made of blankets and return to the land of the cute and living. Was there a better way  to do that than to meet one of my own personal heroes, Meaghan Moynahan of District Sparkle? No. The answer to that question is no.

I met Meaghan last year at the G.L.A.M. Summer Fashion Event. She was running it, I was working it with an internship for one of her vendors. She was wearing fabulous shoes and I was a little intimidated by her. I’ve been following her blog ever since, and reached out to her recently. We decided to meet at Clyde’s Of Georgetown to talk business (and boys, and pets, and fashion…) Over crab dip and bacon-y wine, my girl-crush grew exponentially. She. Is. FABULOUS. I need to figure out what lipstick she was wearing because I want it.

But what does one wear when one is freezing and has work to go to before happy hour? I picked my new Collingham Dress from Jack Wills (beware- these run TINY), a cute cardigan (similar), my trusty boots, and a wide bow belt (similar). I also stuck a bow in my hair as per usual, which was a good idea since that’s how Meaghan remembered me.

This brings me to my main point. We’re young and social. We’ve grown up with communication, and therefore opportunity, coming at us from all sides. If there’s someone you want to reach out to- do it! The worst they could do is not answer, and the best case scenario is that you go out for drinks and side-eye the bartenders together while comparing college experiences.

x0x0 Caroline