FullSizeRender_7This past weekend, my firm had their holiday party and I had one of the most fantastic nights. My friend John was a great date and fell in well with the accounting gang. There wasn’t a dance contest, but if there was, we would have won. My dogs were BARKIN’ by the end of the night- to the point I was, at one point, a pata sucia. But this is America and I still maintain that I had “the right to bear feet.” I make myself laugh.

Anyway, it was a great night with great friends and my great firm. Everyone looked fantastic. I actually wish I had pictures other than 12 shots that look exactly like the one on the left, as awesome as we looked, because my crew really spruced up- and turnt up. Just a little. But it’s ok because it’s the holidays.

My green dress was a hit and I just wanted to thank everyone who commented on this post. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about the strapless dress falling off as John or my friend Braxton tried to get me to dance without leading. I was too busy trying to keep myself up as Braxxy spun me around and tried to get me to dip. I will say though, I was really disappointed in the sparkly bracelet from the post. It looked fab until about halfway through dinner when the gems started popping out. HULLO I hadn’t even started dancing yet so what was that all about? Thankfully, Loft took it right back and gave me a refund.

Unfortunately, I was feeling a little rough the next morning (when the pictures for this post were taken) and my “Country Club Blowout” from Club Blowdry was no longer. I’m tellin’ ya though- if you need your hair done for an event- USE THEM! And use my code prettyinthecity for 10% off of your services. They do makeup too!

So please excuse my face/ hair/ glazed over look in my eye and scroll back up to that first picture to see how I really looked. 😉


IMG_7717  IMG_7711



Catherine Malandrino dress from last year {similar here}//Pearlized Twisted Gem Necklace//Old Victoria’s Secret clutch {similar here}//Old BCBGeneration heels {similar here}//