#WCW: Lindzi of The Trendy Sparrow

I first discovered Chicago-based  Lindzi of The Trendy Sparrow through her Etsy shop with the same name, and stuck around to check out her blog after I read about the origins of that name:

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother called me her “little sparrow”. Combine that with my love for fashion and other trends, you get “The Trendy Sparrow”. With a chic and vintage style, The Trendy Sparrow is often inspired by the girl who dances to her own beat, thinks outside the box, and isn’t afraid to try something new. I wanted to create something for those chic, unique, and quirky personalities that aren’t willing to stick to tradition. I want the emerging souls, the risk takers, the rule breakers, and polka dot wearers.

Welp, if that doesn’t sound like something I’d love, I don’t know what does! Some of you may know that I love lions. My grandma called me her CaroLion, and I’ve been collecting lions since I can remember. I’d like to think of Lindzi as a girlboss, blogging, soul sister, inspiration. She’s amazing, and has made her passion a full-time job! How awesome is that? Her blog is not just a blog, but an extension of the fabulous brand that she has created. (please note that I just had to go through that last paragraph and edit how many times I tried to use the word “amazing”.) Besides, she’s influenced by Blair Waldorf, one of my most favorite fictional characters of all time! I wanted to learn a little bit more about Lindzi, and I’m so glad she took the time to be my #WCW.

22101961840_9d90d0a2f0_cPreppy Pattern Play

10 songs for a perfect sound track
a. Hands Down – Dashboard Confessional
b. Stronger Than Me – Amy Winehouse
c. Mercy – Duffy
d. Bad Blood Remix – Taylor Swift
e. The Good Left Undone – Rise Against
f. Sittn’ On (The Dock of the Bay) cover – Sara Bareilles
g. The Mighty Fall – Fall Out Boy
h. So Impossible – Dashboard Confessional
i. The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Manniqun
j. Lights and Sounds – Yellowcard

9 words to describe you
a. Hard worker // Quirky // Passionate // Resilient // Creative // Chic // Strong
willed // Helpful // Loving


Leopard Print and Plaid

8 reasons that you love your life
a. Knowing that items I made are being loved and used in homes across the
b. I get to set my own hours & work when I want
c. I’m my own boss, and get to be creative everyday
d. I get to spend all day with my sweet wonderful dog, Lilly.
e. I met the love of my life, and get to live with him.
f. I get to live in the fabulous city of Chicago!
g. I have some of the most loyal and loving friends anyone could ask for.
h. I have a family that is healthy and happy and believes in my dreams!

6 non-electronic things you can’t live without
a. My dog!
b. My family
c. My day planner
d. My numerous scrapbooks
e. The owl candle holder that belonged to my MeMe
f. All of my TTS products


Burgundy Sweater and an Oversized Vest

5 people who have impacted your life
a. Andrew Phillips (my boyfriend and best friend)
b. Ricky Flinn (my closest and longest friend)
c. Patricia Brennan (my “gran” and inspiration behind the name “The Trendy Sparrow)
d. Blair Waldorf… yes I realize she isn’t a real person
e. My parents

4 places you’d like to visit
a. Paris
b. Florence
c. Greece
d. London


Casual Green Fall Sweater

3 unpopular opinions you have
a. All of Nicolas Spark’s books & movies are horrible and I hate them. (I couldn’t agree with you more, girl)
b. We DO NOT have a national religion in this country regardless of what some politicians try and say.
c. Not every woman wants a family and/or kids. That’s okay.

2 things that scare you
a. Not succeeding at running my own company
b. Losing the ones I love


Geometric Dress + A Long Black Vest

1 quote to live by
a.  “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen
instead of making them happen.” – Blair Waldorf

Get social with Lindzi!

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/thetrendysparrow
BLOG: thetrendysparrowblog.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/thetrendysparrow
TWITTER: twitter.com/trendysparrow
PINTEREST: pinterest.com/trendysparrow



i-catching entrepreneur

You’ve already met my friend Jaimee, founder of i-catching eyewear, and hopefully, you’ve entered our giveaway to win a pair of her fabulous glasses! I caught up with her again to talk about what it’s really like to start a business from a passion. Be sure to follow i-catching on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And be on the lookout for a HUGE announcement for later in the fall from both Jaimee and myself. You won’t want to miss this 😉

  1. unnamedThe eye-wear business is a niche market, how did you become interested in glasses?

I grew up in the eye care industry. My dad would come to career day at school and talk about glasses, and he would always bring home Lens related things from business trips, so it has been something I have been around my whole life. But my interest in eye-wear, and even thinking of making it into a career, wasn’t until I started working for my dad. When I was in college, I had contacts, solely so I could wear all different pairs of funky, bright colored sunglasses. It wasn’t until I started working with my dad that I started wearing my Prescription glasses full time and got rid of the contacts (since I was able to get the lenses in my custom Rx put in my frames in about a day, and I get great deals on frames!)

  1. Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? What was it that inspired you to start your own company?

Being an entrepreneur is definitely in my blood. Both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs, as well as my father. But for me, the plan was never even business. I originally started working with my dad because I figured, if this company has fed me, and supported me my whole life, why can’t it continue to do so in my adult life. It wasn’t until about two years into working in the optical industry that I even considered doing something like this. What really inspired me into this industry was my love of eyewear, but the cost of frames is so high for my age group, how can anyone afford it? Plus, who doesn’t want to start a business selling the one thing they can’t get enough of?

  1. Do you currently have a side hustle or are you all in with your company at this point?

My full-time job is being the Marketing Coordinator for my family’s company. We are an Optical Lab that makes custom Rx lenses for Eye Doctors and Optometrists. We have accounts all over the East Coast. This is where my knowledge of the eye care industry originated.

  1. Is it just you right now, or do you have a staff?

My staff right now consists of my mother. She is my right hand woman and has helped me with everything. My dad also has been a huge part of pointing me in the right direction since he’s been in the industry for almost 40 years.

  1. CaptureWhat makes i-catching eye-wear different from companies like Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is a disruptive company, meaning that it has gotten in the way of how things are NORMALLY done in this industry, but in our world, nothing is done normal anymore. Yes, we sell eye-wear online, but that’s only half of what we do. i-catching eye-wear not only offers online ordering, but if you live within a 25-mile radius of Marlton, NJ we will actually come to you! You just send us the styles you are interested in, and we will bring 12 similar-styles as well as a few wild card frames that you wouldn’t think to try on. We also offer Eyeglass Parties! Just like jewelry parties, but with Eye-wear! There’s a five person minimum, the host receives a free pair of frames and lenses and we bring all of our eye-wear and a bottle of champagne and while you have your girls night, or couples night, were there for you to try on and purchase glasses! Also, in comparison to Warby Parker, as important as the frames are, we also specialize in quality lenses – such as Transitions, which allow your eyes to more comfortably adjust to the light and dark by slowly changing dark when you go into the sunlight, and going back to clear when you go inside, as well as special coatings that can help your eyes when you’re on the computer! So as convenient as Warby Parker is, i-catching eyewear has more of a personal presence and focuses not only on the frame, but also on the quality and importance of the lenses.

  1. What have been the best and worst parts about starting your own company?Capture

The best part about starting my own company is being able to do things how I envision them. I get to start something that is representative of who I am and my eyeglass fashion, and I get to share my vision with consumers, and hopefully get them to become enthused by fashionable and affordable eye-wear! The worst parts about starting your own company would have to be the unknown- I am constantly thinking if this will work, or if it will be successful. That has to be the worst part, but what cancels out the bad, is the happiness that comes when each little milestone in this company is overcome – when you get that much closer to having your company be just what you want.


  1. Right now you’re all online- do you have plans for a brick and mortar store?

There are no plans at this moment to have a brick and mortar store. But, if I did decide to open a “brick and mortar” store, I think we would go the unconventional route, like a Pop-Up Store or an Eyeglass Truck, but anything is possible. We have our official launch coming up at the end of July so that should be a really exciting night!


  1. Describe your typical work outfit and how you pick out your clothes for a typical day at the office (including picking your glasses, of course!)1c22a258-d878-4826-b72b-5c2db2ded16c-large

To be honest, my typical work outfit is a sundress (in the summer) and leggings and a sweater (in the winter) with my hair thrown up into a bun. I work in an office with my dad and my dog so my appearance is not the most important thing. But the days that I see clients are totally different. Depending on the season is really the deciding factor on what I wear. In the Spring/Summer you will find me in some sort of dress – I keep it professional by keeping the length right before the knee if not longer, and I love color! Especially in summer! I always pair my outfits with a wedge. In Fall/Winter I stick with a Skinny dark pant with an accented blouse, and always a statement necklace. As far as glasses go, sunglasses are a must, which is normally what I wear when I’m driving, and I make sure my glasses really pop for when I see the client, and since most of my calls are for my family business, I have to make sure my lenses are clean, so I always make sure to have cleaning cloths on me at all times.

  1. What is your advice for someone who may want to start their own business?

The most important thing for me has been my support system, which are my family and boyfriend. There are stressful times and happy times, both of which should be shared with the people that support you. You should also make sure that what you are doing is something you have passion for. A lot of time and effort goes into building a business, and if it is something you don’t have passion for, it won’t succeed, it’s as simple a that.


#WCW: Jaimee of i-catching eyewear [and a giveaway!]

11412203_10206938192722532_2046830926689814381_nJaimee came into my life in college through Phi Sigma Sigma and I’m so glad we have stayed in touch since graduation. She was there with me through a lot of laughs and a lot of tears- sometimes a combination of both, like the night at the end of my senior year when it was all fun and games until she walked me into a bathroom door on piggyback and I graduated with a swollen knee, cut, and bruise the color of Frankenstein’s creation. Totally fine. I’m glad we’ve both grown up quite a bit in the past few years and are healthy, driven, and bossing our way through our mid-twenties. Homegirl recently started her own company, i-catching eyewear, bringing you affordable and fashion forward eye frames with lenses in your prescription! This #wcw is the first in a 3part series with Jaimee, and the first chance for you to enter to win a pair of her amazing glasses, so don’t forget to enter the contest at the bottom of this post!

10 songs for a perfect sound track9Q3Tcdq82RqDW17DN6q29d7x1yusFqrhGuo48zmX6gc5lyQ9JQDnaF75zALgB_gWpKeYPA6soU_TGVssZK83GvkK3HGXAFN8_1eP1vrgJUjO1bFR5YN_OfNy93V0LX9Cmq2TauC-zw_VyPEdw6N0Zr5dc9OGf1W6BeeGzKUyWuWfD2NuEcniCSUb0mPTtGgqb-GZiHY8mwZpXXLfTekHJ8GnSOk_Ki

Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Joline – Redone by Miley Cyrus

Free Fallin’ – Redone by John Mayer

23 – Miley Cyrus

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Valerie – Amy Winehouse

Maybe You’re Right – Miley Cyrus

London Bridge – Fergie

Come get it Bae – Pharelle Ft. Miley Cyrus

Dance (A$$) – Big Sean

9 words to describe you









Business savy

8 reasons that you love your lifeyWj63yqDaJ820uOSnm_HuLmt6DmlyWbO2_yzaGPq6cJdhktFg2Eqz4EDTA_L8WeC9rEba_yB8Q1mNlPMcsN-3m9zmPs3goK6xDnJ2svIvyb0bX3VV7Q7pHGzPZ__5lc9cHpJy7JUPRQeqt89q4465CsnMt3ap_ygAf_g6SoBpl4FGNBbJHfFVvogorTWM0WEKadnJ5qYZtu03aP8m9EwiS3LdeuX-q

My family

My little unit that I have formed with my boyfriend and dog

I get to work with my family everyday

My dog gets to come with me literally everywhere – she has a bed at my office

Friends that have stuck by me and love me

Family Dinners

I feel blessed to be living the life that I live

I’m in love with someone who respects me and loves me

7 essentials in your closet

A great pair of perfectly fitted jeans in both light and dark denim – preferably high waisted

The perfect black Maxi dress that can be dressed up and dressed down

Jean Jacket (I believe that they never went out of style and are staying forever)

High waisted jean shorts


Statement Necklace

A cross-body bag in both brown/nude and black

6 non-electronic things you can’t live without

My dog honey

My family

My bed

My numerous pairs of glasses – I have glasses in almost ever color to go with every outfit and for every occasion

My calendar

Summer activities

5 people who have impacted your lifeFYJg47KopUzWnCcV6tFTmxCQLt6QuLEefhFYGLSC2TUo0asTcVmnDPdfU1b_BPalbmNH7CeSZ_stKBgP1W96C702HpM-QpOr1QbVdpbrBBpo-u6OY5jXO4oqJJQldPj8vMd7FMBmPtJkGR4HeLlmmmGmSAIQT0feVQmbmRKES3rAo_2ZdfR1ST4FKv56xbda49AfaOGqk3x0UoXs3KCZ9RG462zcVV

My parents

All 4 of my grandparents


My Shmaniel (My boyfriend dan)

Honey; she may just be a dog, but shes my dog, and one of the loves of my life

4 places you’d like to visit




Bora Bora

3 unpopular opinions you have

Magic Mike was not a good movie

Individual State laws are stupid

You can eat in bed at whatever time of the day even when you’re trying to lose weight

2 things that scare you

Disappointing my parents


1 quote to live by

Say what you need to say – respectably tattooed on my back

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