Jaded weekender

Hands down my favorite part of living living in the city is spending my weekends walking around Georgetown. I mean, think about it- I used to have to literally plan my trips here and now I’m living it. My Laytonsville, which will always have a piece of my heart, is NAHT pedestrian friendly, so there’s still a novelty of being able to walk pretty much everywhere. The places I can’t walk to, I can hop on the bus. I still have a hard time getting over it.

My weekend uniform is basically jeans, comfy shoes, big bag, cute top. I’ve been really into tunics this season, and this flowy top was one of my favorite Christmas presents. The jade color was made for my eyes, if I do say so myself.

I just feel happy dressed like this. Confident in my own skin. I think Nicole, my faithful photographer, picked up on that. She said this was her favorite outfit of mine that we shot and I have to agree that this was on of my favorite shoots. We laughed pretty much through the whole thing- slightly punch drunk and totally freezing. I could never be a real model, I was dissolving into giggles by hour two. She had me pose on some random front steps and she was making fun of me for walking like a weirdo while she was taking pictures.

IMG_7867 IMG_7884 IMG_7878 IMG_7863 IMG_7862Top from Nordstom {similar here}//A.E.O Sky High Jegging//Lucky Brand booties {similar here + here}//Kate Spade tote sold out {similar here}//Rainbow pearl necklace from a bizarre {similar here}//RAINBOW Titanium Double Quartz Bullet Gold


"Oh! Puppies!"

“Oh! Puppies!”


Hot town; summer in the city

So on Friday I told you my Twinsie (the beautiful Tiffany) was forcing me out of my little Sushi AOI comfort zone. Where did we go? Perry’s. For sushi. And we ate like $130 dollars worth and each drank a bottle of Saki before heading to a birthday party for someone we didn’t know and drank really sweet fruity beer/ cider/ sugar drinks at Little Miss Whiskey’s and Rock and Roll Hotel. Yea. It was one of those nights.

My favorite bit was getting all dolled up with my naturally and endlessly beautiful spirit twin. I got my outfit at Macy’s in NYC, and her romper was a gift from her boyfriend. I’ve been looking for a reason to wear this crop top/ origami skort combo (and the to-die-for necklace from Baublebar) and our little adventure around DC was semi-perf. I only say semi because we felt more dressed up than anyone we were with. #ohwhale.

We looked good.

photo 1

Shop origami cutsphoto 2Shop rompers

What’s your favorite look for a girls’ night?


Spring shower

This past Saturday, I attended a very special bridal shower. I’ve known Brittany since we were toddlers. Her mom, who will always be Ms. Donna to me and about a million others, is kind of a famous dance teacher in my area and her First Steps dance class started me down a road of 16 years of dance. Brittany and I also attended the same tiny private grade school- as did her fiancé, Adam! It’s actually a cute story. After the tragic passing of one of our other classmates, I thought it was time we all stated seeing more of each other. We had a mini reunion and Adam, Britt, and I started hanging out. (Hurricane party for a hurricane that never came drinking Boons Farm in her basement and watching old movies.) I told her after, like, the second time- he totally loves you. I think they were engaged within that year. Adam is a Marine and returned this past year from Afghanistan. This couple truly deserves all blessings coming their way for this marriage. They could not be any cuter together.

110179347The shower was so sweet! I accidentally matched the décor with the midi I’ve been wanting for months and the crop top that I previously had no clue what to pair with. Every detail was so meticulous- right down to the cupcakes with the couple’s initials. The highlight though was the group of little girls who came to perform for Brittany since she loves kids and is a dance teacher herself now. THEY WERE SO CUTE and sang Back at One by Brian McKnight just for her. I can’t wait for this wedding! (I even have my dress already- so stay tuned!)


 ASOS Midi Skirt In Scuba With Full Pleats//Crop top by Bongo– similar here//Nude heels (old) similar here//kate spade new york small square stud earrings//Anne Taylor Loft clutch (old) similar here//


Mean Muggin’

There is nothing better than drinking something warm on a cold day- unless you’re drinking it out of something adorable rather than a Styrofoam/ paper cup. My mom has quite the collection of mugs and tea, so I’ve never been without either. Want a mug that you can spot if someone “borrows” it from the break room? Or do you you want something that begs for a little sneak of Baileys in your coffee while you catch up on your insane Bloglovin’ feed this weekend? Either way, these five have you covered.

Kiss me it’s my birthday month!

It is absolutely no secret that 1. I love holidays and 2. I am a princess. I was born (almost) 25 years ago the day before St. Patrick’s Day. I consider myself a lucky birthday baby and any excuse to party is a good one. This year, my birthday month includes 2 concerts (if the one on Sunday isn’t canceled due to this effing snow), a birthday brunch & a St. Patty’s Day bar crawl on the 15th, Hibachi with my wonderful parents, and I’m taking St. Patrick’s Day off because YOLO I’m the birthday princess. I’ve decided to make a faux birthday wish list to feature some goodies I’ve been craving.

Disclaimer: I am in no way thinking that I am getting all these things, but a girl can look, yes? 

It’s a way to show off some more of my own personal style and companies that I love.  Plus, if you happen to be on the list of people wondering what to get this very thankful girl who already has everything she could ever need, this might give you a helpful hint. Basically, I’m trying to write this without looking spoiled and bratty AF.

Happy birthday to me!


Blair Ritchey Lulu Foldover (in mint, which is sadly sold out)//E. Kammeyer Holographic Leather Triple Wrap Tassel Bracelet//Sunshine- Demeter Fragrance Library//Kate Spade Studs in Fluorescent Pink//Jordan 5 Retro//GW Vineyard Vines Tote//Marshmallow Cereal Crop Top//Quinn Printed Layered Dress//Rose Gold Monogram Necklace

Pack Your Bags: The Commuter Bag

-1I mentioned earlier today on my Facebook page that I almost always had a bag-crush going on. This bag was one of those crushes and I didn’t even know for certain that it actually existed. I had it in my mind after Meaghan answered my question about work bags on District Sparkle here. I wanted a red bag that was professional enough for my new job and sturdy enough that it could survive the vicious metro commute on a daily basis. Like I said, I wasn’t even sure such a bag existed and checked out every red bag in every department store until Christmas, (Kate Spade, Dooney and Bourke, Michael Kors, etc.) none of them hitting me the way this one did when I opened it Christmas morning. The red was perfect, the material was perfect, the size was perfect, and the embossing is one of those details that just adds to the perfection. The fact that it was made by my boy Ralph was the purse-colored cherry on top. I was smitten. My mom has this knack of finding exactly what I mention that I want for Christmas then keeping a straight face as I drag her from store to store looking as lesser versions of what she has already bought, wrapped, and put under the tree. Magic mom-powers.

So now you have your bag, what do you need to put in it? Here are *my suggestions for commuter essentials :

  • Notebooks- planner, address book, & a blank journal for ideas and lists. I am still a firm believer in the old-fashioned way and don’t use my phone for any of this.
  • Gloves
  • Your favorite sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Pepper Spray (Full disclosure- I have NEVER, EVER used mine. But it’s there, should I need it.)
  • Ipod- with cute headphones, of course.
  • Travel size body spray, lotion, and hand sanitizer
  • An extra phone charger- I am notorious for leaving mine everywhere so when I see cheap ones, especially that have any color to them, I purchase. The 7/11 by me (Sev <3) sells the little cheapy ones that are about $4.99 per piece with the wall adapter and USB cord sold separately. A word of caution though- they aren’t sturdy. You get what you pay for.
  • Purse organizers are a MUST. I have one Vera Bradley with a pocket big enough for my cell, my debit card, my metro card, and my license and another where I put everything else small I need. This includes travel tissues, Tylenol, Pepto, my inhaler, chap stick, a collapsible brush, roll-on perfume, and a flash drive… among other things that make their way in and out of my purse. I also prefer larger, clutch-like wallets for the rest of my cards and the rare moments I have cash on me. Then I have a larger purse organizer similar to this one that keeps everything else from going all over the place.

And I still end up having room to bring my lunch and a protein smoothie.

What are your work- bag essentials? Let me know!

x0x0 Caroline

*some of the items I have linked are not ones that I have per say, but rather what I would want instead (the Kate Spade planner!) or the next best thing if I couldn’t find the same exact one (the purse organizer). Happy commuting!