Blanketed 2k15 + a giveaway

You may remember my blanketed post from last year when I mentioned the weather being mild. Looks like a repeat this year. I can count on 2 fingers the amount of times I wish I was wearing more clothes, rather than less, so far this fall. I don’t need to tell you the merits of having a blanket scarf on you at all times though- blanket in the office, shawl on the bus, shove it in your bag when you don’t need it. I love the color combo on the one I was wearing on the gorgeous day that Nicole took these pictures- so fall, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t totally make this outfit shoppable, because the dress is from TJ Maxx (super steal at $15!!) and the boots and purse are from a couple years ago, so I linked you up with some great alternatives.

Also, if you love this scarf and want to make it your own, head on over to my instagram for a chance to win!

IMG_9999  IMG_9990 IMG_9988 IMG_9987 IMG_9984IMG_9993Shop green shirt dresses:

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Shop printed totes:

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Shop two-toned boots:

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White after Labor Day

Rules are meant to be broken, right? And the whole “no White After Labor Day” rule has been broken so many times that it barely even qualifies as a rule anymore. It’s all about transitioning, ladies. For real, for real, your favorite summer dress can stay out as long as you can keep adding accessories to keep it seasonal.

IMG_9892Confession: When I left my house the morning these pictures were taken, it was 60 degrees. By lunch, it was near 80, rendering the jacket and scarf unnecessary. But I did it for YOU loyal, readers, I kept up the transitional look I promised because I value our friendship. 😉

IMG_9891 Also, you might notice that the pieces in this post are mostly unavailable. I tried to find comparable pieces, but such is life- one can’t always be wearing something brand new, you know?The jacket, for example, is my patch jacket from 8th grade. The purse, vintage, is older than I am and I took it from my mom’s closet (with many, many thanks because it’s fabulous).

IMG_9878 IMG_9876IMG_9888photos c/o Nicole

AJ Morgan So B Round Sunglasses//Loft scarf from last year (similar here, here, + here)//Similar denim jacket here, here, + here//Vintage Perry Ellis purse (similar here, here, + here)//Old Navy Dress (sold out) white lace dresses under $100 here, here, + here//Steve Madden Pallas booties



We all have our uniforms. This winter (which has been pretty not very wintry, as far as temps go), mine has been my blanket scarf and poncho with my new favorite jeans. Perfect for errands because I don’t get too hot in stores and it’s seriously like walking around wrapped in a blanket. The cool thing about this outfit is that it was inspired by some of my favorite bloggers.

The scarf is from everyone. Literally. When it was sold out at Zara two years in a row, I looked up Zara scarf on Amazon and the thing is literally called “bloggers chic scarf.” Is it a knockoff? Probs. Does it look exactly like the real thang? Absolutely. So soft and I use it as a blanket at my desk because our office is arctic.

The poncho (cape? still haven’t decided) was featured on Ally Cog back in November and I thought about it and thought about it until I just didn’t want to miss it and finally bought it. Glad I did because it is now nowhere to be found.

And the jeans. My goodness the jeans. The best and most flattering jeans I have ever worn. Thank you Fashionably Lo. I have them in four washes. I can wear crop tops guilt free. My butt looks great. They’re miraculous.

The purse? I stole it from my mom a little while ago. But my girl Nicole of a dash of gold featured a vintage Coach purse that my mom also had. Only N’s is in fantastic condition and Mama D’s… well, it may not even be around anymore. It was very loved.


photos c/o Nicole

Aerie cape {similar here + here}//Chunky knit sweater from a flee market {similar here + here}//Etienne Aigner boots {similar here}//A.E.O. Sky High Jegging//Vintage Coach purse {similar here}//Blanket scarf